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I'm gonna say it now so everyone hears me: the hated Dallas Cowboys are gonna take the whole thing. That D is simply monstrous right now, and Romo only makes mistakes when he's pressured, and no one is even getting close enough to breathe on him.

Vikings / 'Boys: I have a feeling Favre (who has NEVER beaten Dallas in a playoff game) is going to get pounded. Dallas wins handily.

The Cardiac Cards will go in and outgun the exposed Saints--with their running game. Cards win.

The NFC Championship Game will rekindle visions of Staubach vs. Hart, but once the ball is kicked off Kurt Warner is going to wish he had Jim Hart's thick body and stumpy legs, because Ware is going to pretzel my ex-Ram. Cowboys to the Super Bowl.

AFC... This is even easier. The Ravens can't beat the Colts, period. The Colts stop the run, and I don't see the Delaware Fighting Hen who quarterbacks the Baltimore team stepping up and winning it with his arm in a shootout. Look for some second-half fireworks from Peyton Manning. A Manning-to-Timberlake touchdown might even happen, it'll be so ugly.

I will be rooting hard for the Jets; not because they are my favorite author's team (by my calculations GRRM's significant shadow only buys them a +2.6% interest increase on my part)... but they don't need the extra motivation on my part when playing any team quarterbacked by Cry Me A Rivers, the worst sore loser (and the worst sore winner) I think I've ever seen in professional sports. Well, in football. I HATE me some San Diego. The hate got so bad this season we rooted for the Raiders over them.

Anyway, doesn't matter. The Jets are toast. You can only go so far with a rookie Q.B. "Go get 'em next year, kid."

(I loved in the press conference following the game how Sanchez gave Pete Carrol hell for jumping off the University of Spoiled Children ship and swimming to Seahawk shores. Hey, playing in New York, you need a sense of humor.)

San Diego will again go into Indy and win. Because that's what they do.

Dallas beats San Diego in the Super Bowl. If you want me to actually watch that game, you'll find me in the pantry with a gun in my freaking mouth.

Kill me now.

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