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Jan. 11th, 2010 (UTC)

I was hoping with fingers and toes crossed that you would comment. Thanks. Those games were worth your input. Thanks again.

Welker is only as good as he is when he has a QB to get him the ball. The Dolphins didn't, so I don't think they knew what they had. Moss, well remember he started looking not-so-good those last few seasons with the Vikes and Raiders. Obviously for the same reason as Welker. I'm not a fan-boy but it's all about Brady. I think that guy might make something of himself.

Doesn't Rice remind you of a stockier version of Joe Morris? He does to me. He has excellent quickness to the edges and once he pops through the line, watchout! Were it not for the Ray Lewis knife incident I could easily root for the Ravens. As it was I rooted for the Pats and Junior Seau. Sour-Pus has grown on me. And how about that Edelman kid. Guts!

That second game was one of the most entertaining offensive games I've seen since Jets vs Dolphins twenty-something years ago. When I saw the coin toss I figured Green Bay won. Oh irony of ironies that the game should end on a defensive play.

As far as the rules changes, you are probably right. But, don't you think there have been ebbs and flows in the rules towards both offense and defense over the years. Specifically, I'm thinking of the early eighties and Air Coryell. My memory is faulty so I could be wrong.

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