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Jan. 12th, 2010 (UTC)

I thought for sure the Jets were going to have to play the Colts this weekend. The Pats are just not the team I remember, but I guess like you said Welker was a big reason. I hope the jets can topple rivers and his chargers. The last thing I want to see is a hot chargers team face off against the colts. Go Colts!

I think you can build a strong D or a strong O, and seldom does a team do both well. Just because there was no D on either side of the Cardinals/Cheesehead matchup, doesn't mean it was a bad game. I think in a game with a high scoring offense, if one of the O lines hadn't shown up the game would have been completely one sided. In some ways I love the fire of a good Offense game vs. a battle of two killer D teams where the final score is 3-0. I think that is why the NFC east is such a huge division. Sure the D is good on those teams, but they tend to have very high scoring divisional games. I also don't agree that the rules favor the WR or QB as much as you are saying. A good CB can play to the rules to draw an offensive penalty just as much as a good WR can. Typically what happens is the QB reads a really good CB coverage and holds onto the ball too long or goes for the short passes. So my personal belief is that it just isn't overly visible in a professional game because most the QB's are able to read the play and decide not to throw against a good CB.

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