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Jan. 16th, 2010 (UTC)

Go Colts!

I don't quite understand why everyone is getting on the colts case for their last two games. I think they were still trying to win, just with their second string guys. If one or more of their all-stars were to be injured in a game that means nothing to them just weeks before games that mean everything, that would just plain suck. Furthermore, I think it is a great opportunity to start building the on-field chemistry of the 2nd string guys, just in case something were to happen early in a playoff game where one might need to come in. It gives the whole team a bit more of an edge in my opinion. That being said, the last few years when the colts laid low before the playoffs, had a week off etc. it hasn't played out well for them as you could argue they are a bit cold.

I would love to see the Jets topple the chargers. Sure it is great that Rivers is passionate, but his war of words with the crowds is enough to think he is a mutton head.

Other then that, it is driving me crazy that the Cowboys get what seems like a bit of a walk to the championship. The vikings have been struggling with who calls the plays, coach or favre and I don't think they have the gremlins out. Boo Cowboys

Here is to a great weekend of football!

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