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Playoffs, Round Two

Four more playoff games this weekend.

Of course, the Jets game is the one that concerns me most. Gang Green goes up against the Chargers this week, a very tough assignment. It should be a classic confrontation of offense against defense. San Diego will be heavily favored... but hey, the Jets have prevailed as a heavy underdog before... most recently, the last time they went to San Diego for a playoff game. Here's hoping Rex and boys can do it again, and knock off the mighty Bolts, Philip Rivers, and that running back who stole LT's nickname.

In the other AFC game, Colts versus Ravens would normally be a tough call for me. Once upon a time, I used to love the Baltimore Colts and their great QB, Johnny Unitas, still the best ever to play the game. Deserting Baltimore for Indy was a crime, however, and killed whatever lingering affection I had for the organization. Still dislike the Irsays, I must admit, but in recent years I've come round again. It's hard not to cheer for Eli's Big Brother, and I admired Tony Dungy too; a much classier coach than his archrival, Evil Little Bill. (Of course, Dungy is gone this year). Against all that, we have the Ravens. Great D, and I like great D. But I don't like Ray Lewis, for reasons I've stated in earlier posts. I also like ravens (see my books) and Edgar Allen Poe. All of which would have left me on the fence for this one. The deciding factor? The way the Colts laid down those last two games. Yes, it helped my Jets, but I still think it stinks. You play to win the game... or should. So I'm hoping that the football gods will punish the Horseshoe Heads for that, and let the Ravens smack them down.

And if the Jets and Ravens should both win... hey, the AFC championship would be played in Giants Stadium. One last hurrah for the old gal. That would be swell too.

Over in the NFC, I'm rooting for the Saints over the Cardinals. I mean, no brainer, how can you root against the Saints? New Orleans is a great city, and deserves something great after the last few years. I love New Orleans. Arizona, not so much. Besides, the Pottsville Maroons still must be avenged.

And of course I'll be pulling for the Vikings over the Cowboys. The Vikes have played in four SuperBowls and lost all of them, so they're overdue (though not as due as the Saints or the Jets). And I like Brett, who was once a Jet, however briefly. Besides, the other team is the Cowboys. Jerry Jones, George W. Bush, arrogance and evil. Down they go! Die, Cowboys, die!



Jan. 21st, 2010 07:07 pm (UTC)
Baltimore/Indy Forgotten History
The real issue that has been forgotten is the exact reason why the Colts snuck out at midnight...

The Maryland state legislature had passed a bill declaring Eminent Domain over the Colts so they could take the team away from the owner for a pittance of the value and make it state property.

Irsay ran because they were going to strip him of his property by declaring a sports team as public property. They were going to lay the claim at the start of the business day, so he hightailed it out before then.

The city of Baltimore and the Colts had actually worked out an agreement...but the state forced the issue.

I'm no fan of Irsay, but I can fully understand WHY he did it.
Jan. 22nd, 2010 12:32 am (UTC)
Re: Baltimore/Indy Forgotten History
I wish more states and cities would do that.

Professional sports would be better off if more teams were publicly owned, like Green Bay, so asshole owners could no longer play the "build me a huge new stadium with tax dollars, or I'm moving the team to someplace that will."

A sports franchise is not comparable to a donut shop or a dry cleaners. It may be a private business, but it is also a public trust, and often embodies the heart and soul of a community. Take away that heart, and the city is never the same.

Brooklyn, of course, is the classic example. That's why we turned Walter O'Malley into a pile of sludge in WILD CARDS, and kept the Dodgers at Ebbets Field, where they belonged.


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