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One and One

Well, the Ravens had their wings pulled off by Eli's Big Brother. So much for great defense trumping great offense. Mistakes and penalties compounded Baltimore's problem, and a defeat turned into a rout, but the Colts would have won anyway. So there will be no final game in the Meadowlands to see off Giants Stadium. Sob.

On the other hand, it was splendid to see the Saints romp. Somewhere in Pottsville the ghosts of the Maroons are having a party, and toasting the strength of Drew Brees' arm.

Two more games tomorrow. Go Jets! Go Vikings!



Jan. 23rd, 2010 09:31 pm (UTC)
Re: Both Good Results
He was moving towards the ball. He wasn't just aimlessly wandering around. I don't know what you would call that other then trying to get to the ball carrier and disrupt the play - in essence, making a tackle or at the very least contributing to a tackle. We can debate exactly what it was he intended, but the fact remains he didn't take himself out of the play. Players make plays, they don't worry how cool it looks. If McCray had stood aside and allowed Warner to get to the ball because he was worried about what a hit on the QB would look like, that would of been " not cool ".
In a situation like a turnover, the league can't make a rule that prevents players from hitting the QB and at the same time allows the QB to make tackles. They would have to prevent both, and woe to the player who, in the chaos of a fumble or interception, runs into the QB while he's just standing there like a referee. And I find it hard to believe a QB in position to stop a score would give up on the play for the sake of a rule. While some may be more concerned about their salaries then a potential game saving play, I would think the majority of QBs would simply disregard such a rule in a situation like that.


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