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A Blast from the Past

I was startled looking at my website today when I saw the hit counter, which tells me the site has had more than 23 million hits since December of 2000.

Of course, I have to put that in perspective. It's really just the same forty-two people coming back again and again to see if DANCE is done yet, isn't it?

(I suspect the Not A Blog actually gets MORE visitors than my main site. A mention here -- of a forthcoming appearance, a book sale, a news item -- seems to generate a lot more response than anything on my Appearances page, my Signed Books page, or my News page).

No point to any of this, just... hey, 23 million hits, that's kinda cool...

No telling how many of you have actually been around since 2000, and how many found my site and/or the Not A Blog just last week. Some of you newcomers, though, might enjoy giving a listen to the series of podcasts I recorded back in 2005, to promote A FEAST FOR CROWS. (I assume you old timers have heard them all already). They're all at


I imagine I will be doing more of these when DANCE WITH DRAGONS comes out. I'll need to think up some more topics. (Maybe "Deadlines, and Why They Should Never Be Missed" would be a good one). Meanwhile, these may entertain and enlighten those of you who haven't heard 'em.

And try not to laugh TOO hard at the part where I say I hope to finish DANCE by the end of the year. I really meant it, honest.


Mar. 6th, 2010 12:14 pm (UTC)
It was 2005 when I became a fan. I was in need of books to read so headed to our charity shop. AGOT and ACOK were there, one for 2.50 GBP and 3.50 GBP respectively. I had never heard of the series before but I figured, that it was not too pricey to give a chance. I normally whizz through books that I enjoy and I found that i was reading about 3 chapters an hour for AGOT which I saw as slow. It wasn't until I hit the Bran incident, that I realised how much I was enjoying it, and after that chapter I was hooked. I got the Third off amazon and was lucky enough that when I finished it, Feast was launched so headed to Glasgow for a signed copy.

I have since introduced 4 people to Westeros. I got the bonus benefit of a link on your website to a webzine and found Tad Williams' Memory Sword and Thorn Trilogy. Another author I had never heard of before but when it came to me moving to Ireland, I only kept those two sets of books, the rest were put in recirculation.

23 Million is not completely understandable. How does it compare to books sold? Even if the 8K fans on LJ checked one a week for 3 years, that is 1.2 million. I find that I rarely check the website now as more information is given here, as well as your insights and such like.


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