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... on the theory that, sooner or later, we have to stop talking about fanfic.

So, let's see. Casting is in full swing for the HBO series. No one has been cast yet. But I think we're getting close on a few roles.

I've been looking at many audition tapes. Varys. Littlefinger. Pyp. Grenn. Sam. Ser Gregor. Renly. Bronn. Septa Mordane. Jory. The Old Bear. Even Marillion. And probably some other characters that I've forgotten about, writing this off the top of my head.

Some very hard choices await us. For some parts, a wealth of great possibilities, and no way to go wrong. For others, two or three strong contenders, then it tails off sharply. For a few, we have yet to see anyone who excites us, so the search goes on.

I've been asked if I will once again be giving "hints" when parts are cast. Honest answer: I don't know. I had fun with that last time around, and I think you guys did too. (It astonished me how quickly you solved some of those puzzles). But now that we have an actual series, HBO may very well want all casting announcements to come through them. Or maybe they won't care. In any case, he who pays the piper calls the tune, so I'll dance to whatever they play.

Tell you what, though... to save you guys the trouble of trying to parse every syllable of my posts here for hints and hidden meanings that do not exist, I will use a simple signal. If I do add any posts with casting hints, I'll use my Froggy the Gremlin userpic. If Froggy is not up there, then there are no hints in the post, so don't sweat it. (This is pretty much what I did last time round, I'm just making it explicit).

I think we're going to get some great people.


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May. 9th, 2010 06:46 am (UTC)
Littlefinger will be such a crucial role to cast. Count one enthusiastic vote for John Simm. I think he would fantastic. I am still tripping on the fact that Peter Dinklage will play Tyrion. I mean that was written in the stars. They couldn't of cast that better. Here's hoping the same comes true with Littlefinger.
May. 9th, 2010 05:06 pm (UTC)
Re: Littlefinger
As fabulous as I think John Simm would be for Littlefinger, it's sometimes not so easy. He could easily be committed to other projects or even not interested in the role. Even if he has auditioned, or thought about auditioning, it's possible that his tape doesn't speak to the casting director in exactly the right way. Hundreds of things can go wrong in casting, but hundreds of things can go right as well. I think we'll just have to trust HBO here, who usually have an excellent feel for putting the right man in the right part.
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May. 9th, 2010 07:29 am (UTC)
Will be looking...
for the frog for hints from now on, thanks for the heads up on posts with hints. I just can't wait for day one so I can see the first episode!!
May. 9th, 2010 07:34 am (UTC)
With that title and those tags, for a brief moment, I had the notion of you announcing John Cleese as Ser Gregor. A brief, terrible and glorious moment.
Just finished rewatching Rome ep 1-3 (since I burned through Deadwood two weeks ago) and noticed there is a wealth of quality talent in that production. I could see several of the Senators playing roles of maesters. Both Hinds and Purefoy would do well as Lords.
May. 9th, 2010 09:06 pm (UTC)
Jon Cleese being cast as anything would be pure win.

As the Mountain, as Littlefinger, as Varys, heck, as Septa Mordane.

In fact, cast Jon Cleese as Dany.
Seriously - lampster65 - May. 13th, 2010 03:03 pm (UTC) - Expand
May. 9th, 2010 08:01 am (UTC)
Gaaaah I can't wait to see who plays who! Already on my 5th re-read and it's just making me more and more excited for this series! ♥
May. 9th, 2010 08:39 am (UTC)
After George's comment about Tom Bombadil I was kinda worried about a few characters not appearing at all. Very relieved that Renly, Septa Mordane and Marillion are being casted. My only worry now is Maester Aemon. Is he being cast later, or is he out of the picture?
May. 9th, 2010 10:06 am (UTC)
Good luck casting the brothers Clegane.
May. 9th, 2010 11:01 am (UTC)
I cannot wait to see who they come up with for Varys - he's always been such an odd character, master of spies (and disguise!) and all that. I just can't picture anyone I know (which I admit is not a lot...) as him. Hope they find someone good.

And of course, Pyp and Gren will have to work like a double act!

Ooohh casting news (even when it's not exactly news-news) gets me so hyped up for the show.
May. 9th, 2010 11:04 am (UTC)
So can you confirm if someone has read for the role of Hodor?
May. 9th, 2010 11:21 am (UTC)
Height / Gender / Age concerns aside, some of "wealth of great possibilities" could definitely fill the roles where nobody exciting has shown up yet.

I'm definitely looking forward to Littlefinger and Varys (naturally), but strong castings for the Old Bear, Sam and Bronn would be gold. If their screentime equates with their page time, we'll see them play off two of my favourite main characters a lot.
May. 11th, 2010 06:11 pm (UTC)
I'll never stop championing Ray Stevenson for Bronn...ever!
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May. 9th, 2010 11:22 am (UTC)
on the theory that, sooner or later, we have to stop talking about fanfic.

No football to talk about?
May. 9th, 2010 12:04 pm (UTC)
Umm enough already
Hey George,
I think its great that you have an HBO series coming out. However, I have been waiting for two long years for an update on Dance with Dragons. COME ON ALREADY!!! Please throw us avid book reading fans a bone! Whats the deal?
May. 10th, 2010 03:38 am (UTC)
Re: Umm enough already
Amen on the "can't wait for aDwD" part! But I think at this point we just have to wait and trust.
Re: Umm enough already - tonys_mac - May. 19th, 2010 02:40 am (UTC) - Expand
Re: Umm enough already - nicholsml - May. 10th, 2010 09:02 am (UTC) - Expand
May. 9th, 2010 12:45 pm (UTC)
Can't wait for the first episode, George. What fun it would be to work on such a project. ASOIAF is the best! The bloodletting aught to be excellent in HD! :)
May. 9th, 2010 12:54 pm (UTC)
See I was thinking Aidrian Brody, someone who looks kind and sweet but has the capacity for ...you know
May. 9th, 2010 01:40 pm (UTC)
For Renly...
Enthusiastic vote for Henry Cavil to play the part of Renly.
May. 9th, 2010 01:41 pm (UTC)
It's fun to see the characters you from a book you love come alive on screen. I'm looking forward to it.

That said, i am so glad i've read the books first (this is always better for me, personally) so that in my mind, they look how they look in my mind first. Does that make sense?
I'll often have just a second of "Oh, that's not how so-and-so looks!" just before settling into the story when there is a dramatization of a book or story i have read, but i find if i see the show and then read the book, my mind is more likely to assign the faces and places and scenery of the show.
May. 9th, 2010 02:31 pm (UTC)
This must be an incredibly exciting part of the process for everyone involved, yet at the same time a little stressful. Once you put a face to the name it's hard to get out of your head when you imagine that world again, for me at least. I hope you will be able to find talented people that will do the characters justice.

I realise what little weight and significance any casting suggestions on here may have but I have to get this off my chest. I would love to see Denis Menochet make an appearance in your world. The single scene he had as Perrier LaPadite in Inglourious Basterds left me stunned, the amount of masculinity and intensity he brought added so much tension and gravitas to the dialogue. I would love to see him in action in Westeros, perhaps as Northman or a character from the Iron Islands.
May. 9th, 2010 02:33 pm (UTC)
Upon seeing that I was reading A Feast for Crows, a older couple sitting next to me on a flight into Glasgow introduced themselves as the parents of the guy playing The Hound. They were wonderful people and they spoke very highly of everything they had seen at the filming of the pilot, and they spoke very highly of you, Mr. Martin. Also, given how they described the height of their son, the guy they get to play The Mountain will have to be a monster!

I cant wait to see the series!
May. 9th, 2010 02:55 pm (UTC)
Please make them get Varys right. He's one of my favorite characters in the novels because there is so much mystery behind him. I also like how nobody really knows what to make of him. I'm hoping that he'll also be in the next book as well. I missed him not being in the last book. Thanks for the info!
May. 9th, 2010 03:30 pm (UTC)
Getting excited! Crossing my fingers that Syrio was a character you forgot to mention and didn't purposefully leave out! ;P
May. 13th, 2010 08:03 pm (UTC)
My vote for Syrio
Ben Kingsley, but I'm sure he's too busy/expensive for such a small part.
May. 9th, 2010 03:38 pm (UTC)
Out of curiosity, with the show green-lit will the pilot air in advance of the series or will it wait for the first set of episodes to be ready and run with the first half of the season (I think that's what HBO has done in the past with new series)?
May. 9th, 2010 04:01 pm (UTC)
Gregor Clegane
was one of the casting tapes for Gregor from a 7 foot tall stunt actor named Conan Stevens? he is the curent fan favorite over at the westros board
May. 9th, 2010 04:29 pm (UTC)
I've got to say, I don't envy you one little bit on that front. I know very little about actors, and trying to decide between a bunch of talented people who all want one role that only one can have would not be my favorite thing to do in the whole wide world.
May. 9th, 2010 05:54 pm (UTC)
Can u tell us who the likely prospects are for varys? whats his deal neways, he told tyrion that he hated magic and all those who wield it, yet instead of working for the citadel he's been working for dany or for her cause at least... and we really havent gotten to see the plot thicken at the citadel either... no real players have emerged, all we do is hear of the high council...
May. 9th, 2010 07:37 pm (UTC)
Re: Varys
I can't tell you who the likely prospects are for any role, sorry.

That sort of thing is strictly confidential.
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May. 9th, 2010 06:07 pm (UTC)
Man...speaking of that, fanfic fanfic fanfic fanfic.....

May. 9th, 2010 06:40 pm (UTC)
...and yet the best cast shall always remain within my mind, created by the imagery of your written words. :3
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