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May. 10th, 2010 (UTC)

I have not seen this current episode, but have been looking forward to it. I've found the role of Katheryne has not been one that best shows Ms. Merchant's talents, especially as it would have applied to Game of Thrones -- she lacked the _fear_ that Dany has at the start of the novel, and growing maturity. But this was because of how her role was written, and I'm sure she acted the part to the fullest of the production's hopes.

This episode sounds like it will show something that's akin to Dany. Yes, I'm looking forward to it. A shame that Ms. Merchant's not in the role any longer, but I can only hope that whichever young actress gets the part will be at least as good.

One last remark on The Tudors: One of the best things about the show has been the costuming. It's stunning, and I see others agree: many award nominations, and an Emmy win a couple of years ago. I'm unsure what direction costuming is going on Game of Thrones, if they're going to give it all a bit of a more subdued, grimy kind of look ("How do you know he's the king?" "He's the one not covered in shit."), or if they're going to highlight the luxury in which the nobility can live. But if the garments of the nobles are as rich as those in The Tudors, I for one will not complain.

(That said, I hope Game of Thrones handles the armor rather (a lot) better, budget allowing. The jousting armor in previous seasons of The Tudors was laughably bad. My ideal is that we see as many people in full plate and mail, or full plate for the great and the powerful, as one saw in Excalibur 30 years ago. That's unlikely to happen on a TV budget -- even an HBO TV budget, I expect -- but that's my hope.)

And now, for something completely different, I know mod4finil was joking, but I bet you will get someone complaining about spoilers in all seriousness, much as people have complained re: "spoilers" for The Pacific (have you been watching it? what do you think? I find it better than Band of Brothers in a few ways, but the nature of the war in the Pacific and their choice of how to depict it has made the narrative very loose).

You really ought to master lj cuts, just to save gripes about long posts or what have you in the future, as some have done (and rightfully, because the LJ Friends page is not very useful as far as navigating -- no way to hit a button to just skip to the next item).

If you use the Rich Text Editor, all it takes is clicking that squiggly button at the head of spoilery/lengthy matter, or simply manually placing <lj-cut text="Whatever I want to say about the cut"> there. The FAQ explains it very concisely.

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