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May. 10th, 2010 (UTC)

I've never been a fan of "heartthrob" representation of historical characters myself. It's like seeing Tom Cruise play the part of any of the apostles during the Last Supper or something similarly silly.

It breaks away any sense of belonging and when I find myself hating or disliking a character because I really can't find any merit in the way an actor is portraying the character, I tend to shy away from TV-shows or movies.

I guess that is why I love most of the BBC shows when it comes to murder mysteries or shows that revolve around typical characters. They seem to know what casting a character for a role is really about. They hit the nail on the head with farmers, creepy people, sneaky people and yes... even ugly people. For all that its worth, they seem to be able to cast people for roles and not actors... if that makes any sense.

On the topic of the Tudors, I'm afraid I haven't watched any of it... simply because the Henry character gave me the exact same feeling I described above somewhere. I saw an actor, looking like he was born in this age and the way he came across pushed me away from watching the show. That and the obnoxious commercial breaks they tend to throw around here in the Netherlands. For a country that is named like a fantasy realm... they certainly know how to bash the head of fantasy in with their commercial crap.

I hope the next actress to step into the fray to portray the role of Queen will spark that feeling of respect and well acted character likeness that you found in the Tamzin actress. Perhaps when I get around to obtaining the DVD set sometime in the future, I'll give it a go... if only to remember what you said about the acting and see if I too get that feeling.



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