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May. 10th, 2010 (UTC)

I have been an avid fan of Anne Boleyn for as long as I can remember. I have always felt her true role in the change of religions in Britain has been greatly under appreciated. The fact that she was a strong-willed smart and savvy lady, who had to be accused of being a whore in order to for her position to be taken away. They couldn't get her politically, so they had to resort to witchcraft and adultery, which to me tells me she must have held some weight for the men to use the age-old excuse when a woman isn't simpering and submissive.

Anyway, this I'm probably sure you know since you're a history buff, too. I've just been horribly let down, time and time again, whenever someone portrays her. (The Other Boleyn Girl made me say a string of words that probably shouldn't be shouted in public) The Tudors is the first time I think that's actually come close to getting her personality right. Mind you, I didn't think they made her as strong in the religion department as she could have been, but at least her character was more than a woman withholding sex for power.

I haven't seen past season 2, but I look forward to it. And, while he may have got the character off, from a straight female's perspective, If I'm going to watch sex scenes, the male lead better be hot.Unless it's some kind of joke or meant to make you squirm with horror. So I'm all okay with him staying studmuffin and not gross ulcer on his leg or syphilitic. That would have definitely made me change the channel.

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