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I have to say, while I initially agreed with you completely on Meyers' lack of depth in handling King Henry, he has grown on me a bit as the series has progressed. He does not add subtlety to Henry's rage, but I would argue that could be an accurate interpretation of Henry to begin with. My problem is that I always end up comparing the Tudors to Rome and when you have such an epic battles as Gaius Octavian vs. Mark Antony, Henry's political skills automatically fail by comparison. Henry, arguably risked his kingdom for a woman and a son. Mark Antony at his most reckless was not so far gone. Meyers rage may be the only tool in his acting tool box, but I wouldn't say that makes it less accurate.

The reason I feel the need to defend Meyers, when he clearly is surrounded by amazing talent as well (Henry Cavill as the Duke of Suffolk has done an amazing job in my opinion) is because of some of the small things he has brought to the role. His transformation shown in the opening sequences show a time line of Henry's growth and misery. And despite that, Henry never really grows up, continues to blame others for whom he decided to kill in a fit of rage. I look forward every season to where he blames the death of his closest cohorts on his advisers. My argument with Henry is that he never had much depth. He had desires, he had dreams, but he lacked talent. So he made up for that with rage and impulsiveness. And he surrounded himself with talent...ya know...till he killed them.

But enough. If my compelling argument can't convince you, so be it. I think we can all look forward to The Borgias, and I am a fan of Jeremy Irons being cast in the title role. I intend to watch it after I watch the new Game of Thrones episode. Oh, and I would be remiss if I did not say how superbly Tamzin Merchant played Katheryn Howard. I can't wait for her to become Daneryes Targaryen, hope she's okay with putting up with the fan boys that will inevitably follow.

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