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May. 10th, 2010 (UTC)

I've always wanted to hear your opinion about this show! Glad you were able (among all this big debate regarding fanfiction) to give us your view on it! :)

Well, I've watched it since the beginning as well, as I am fascinated by this period in the history of England, and by the great figures that lived there.

Shouting Studmuffin really defines Henry VIII in The Tudors xDD It's perfect!! Tough I admit I like his childish tantrums. I believe Michael Hirst declared to defend his representation of Studmuffin!Henry is that he was very fit before he had that jousting accident that left him lame. He said that him being fit can be found on some physician's notes or something like that.

I too loved Natalie Dormer's portrayal of Anne Boleyn. Henry's ill-fated wife has always been controversial. Writers like Phillipa Gregory, with her book "The Other Boleyn Girl" and Eustace Chapuys back in Anne's days really were a blemish in Anne's reputation. I think this show made her justice. It can be really appreciated how everything regarding Anne's matter was a foregone conclusion, and that she didn't have any chance even before she was taken to court.

Henry's behaviour in the matter as well (very symbolic when he eats the swan), his coldness towards a woman he became really obsessed with, and the merrymaking he did with Jane Seymour (which I found really tasteless, but hey, that's how Henry Tudor rolled XD). Natalie definitely did an excellent job portraying her. I know of a lot of fans who stopped watching the show after season 2 because Anne would never be in it again xD

This show really has epic scenes (and an exquisite soundtrack in my opinion) which hold a lot of symbolism, and can make you love and hate the characters at the same time (happened to me with Cromwell as well as the Duke of Suffolk). Overall I enjoy watching it, despite the Historybending they do xD (it's what I have to endure, having studied a history major xDD)

And one of the things that I also enjoyed is that this show is not as anglophile as the great majority of Tudor inspired movies/shows. I am saying this from my point of view as a spanish person xD Too often the spanish figures in that time are portrayed in an inappropiate way (ugly, bad, ridiculous etc...) The portrayal of Catherine of Aragon was impressive, as well as what Sarah Bolger is doing with Mary I.

I do wish the show was going to continue and gives us the reigns of Edward VI, Mary I, and Elizabeth. Why call it THE TUDORS if the only Tudor we get is Henry, badly portrayed?

I wish that too! :( It's a pity. Elizabeth's life would make for another great show. From what I've heard, it seems that Hirst's new show would be about the Borgia family, and it will have Jeremy Irons in it.

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