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May. 11th, 2010 (UTC)

Well, I was mostly agreeing with OP's view on Anne Boleyn, and merely pointing and agreeing (for fun) that Studmuffin!Henry really was eye candy for women. Men are really lucky in that aspect with this show, since most women on it are really pretty (even Catherine of Aragon, who is mostly portrayed ugly in a lot of Tudor movies, looks good). Female watchers have their own with Studmuffin and his best friend.

Of course I know how Henry VIII looked like and at which state he was at the end of his life(at least what some of his comtemporary figures said about him in their testimonies and for what I have studied on my degree) and upon seeing who was going to portray him, I realized that this show's Henry was going to be very sui generis. Of course they weren't going to make JRM look morbidly fat, and by so they were changing the historical and important facts about him.

While I can be disagreeing historically about that fact (and some others) am I superficial for agreeing that I like (talking about physical traits, not portrayal) JRM as Henry in the Tudors? Yes, then so I am. I have eyes too :s

I agree with your views on historical fiction (and how him still being Studmuffin!Henry when he marries Katheryn distorts the whole story between them. I can't blame Katheryn Howard for having an affair with Culpepper! At all!) and I have always been very nitpicky with historic adaptations to cinema, and it is not that I forgive the poetic licence Studmuffin!Henry represents. As History lover, I certainly can't. As a woman... well, I enjoy my dose of eyecandy.

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