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well said. a lack of flaws is annoying, and while i found her naivety too enduring, the matter is anymore i simply have similar thoughts on sansa. the ending of her thus narrated tale and especially considering there was originally supposed to be a 5 year leap very strongly point towards this. arya and bran were and sort of are still in line to learn some amazingly dangerous things, and honestly rickon could turn out dangerous in a multi-stark collision course. its sansa though who is already really positioning herself to play. though i expect there to be a bit of a struggle as she tries to push from piece to player (almost called her a pawn, a piece perhaps, but no pawn) she is likely to at least decide or hold littlefingers future in her hands. her upside can easily surpass, potentially littlefinger, who has driven an awful lot of events. Cersei certainly thought herself cunning, but for all the advantages of beauty as a tool, it also makes you more visible. Ill contend that to a degree her beauty and the highlight works against her. often it is best for the puppet master to stay relatively hidden or at least not draw attention on herself. her blood may also highlight her so im wondering what might be pulled while still alayne. littlefinger is capped in a sense. sansas influence over young robert and how he may act while he lives may play a huge role. littlefinger certainly can be said to be the influence as well. so it could, potentially be used to make him look bad as much as to make his plans work. then with the would be marriage of course. honestly id almost say she potentially has Dany-esc potential, but there i stop short thinking of what little i know of grrm and not what id consider. i guess ill stop rambling by citing tyrion, the hound, people shes also been around a bit, and how they werent originally as good characters as they developed into. personally her slow development almost makes her scarier. that she was a foolish little girl may go well with her beauty and she might be underestimated on reputation as well by sight. littlefingers cunning is known, to a degree. as much as her beauty highlights and empowers her, it is an additional danger. if she acts well enough and also were to hide her intelligence and at best be thought of as a piece... i dont know i lknow this is long, but seriously, especially after her identity is revealed id think it almost as important that she still be thought of as a piece (of littlefingers or not), as it is for her to stop being a piece. danger unseen and though shes not thought dead by as many as some of her siblings, delicate sansa seems the least deadly and her venomous light touch should find some key victim in the future

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