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Normally you can trust the narrator of a book like an old friend. They develop their characters making the heroes dear to the reader. You feel as though your taking a journey together that will be satisfying and memorable. In literature we have predictably, the boy gets the girl, saves the kingdom, evil in the end is kept at bay. But not, with George R R Martin.... the main character is more likely fall in the bathtub after he and the readers have invested chapter after chapter in the saga leaving the reader feeling as betrayed as if you'd just killed superman in the 3rd act so boom the world ends. It is in a word shear genius bleakness, while stunned beyond words at the audacity and complete daring it must have taken to massacre nearly the entire cadre of main characters in the 11th hour one must, when done grieving, give kudos to the author for the boldness of the pen stroke that results in complete shifts in direction the plot of his books have taken. OK its page XXX... he in some cases randomly killed the heroes, Mr Martin starts over developing the nobody here to for barely mentions and even this nobody once developed rooted for and loved by the readers may die . do the fans have closure... maybe not.... did they learn something.... some do... some don't get it.... throw formula and predictability out the window when George R R Martin is holding the pen.... What you expect is not in the cards chaos is. It makes me wonder if during the writing there are hit dice George rolls to keep it fresh that are waiting to take out a key figure at the next turn shocking even George.. Darn now what do I do... didn't expect that roll....

Keep up the good work.... or do what ever suits you... life isn't fair in the real world nor is it safe and now... thanks to George R R Martin... even literary heroes should metaphorically be looking over their shoulders. I can not stop smiling .... I am quite sure George R R Martin is part imp and I hope that does not ever change.

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