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Jun. 30th, 2010 (UTC)

Just as a bit of a preface, I'm talking about all "child" characters in the Song of Ice and Fire novels here, not just the ones you mentioned (in part to avoid spoilers for those who haven't read them yet, I wouldn't want to ruin things for them).

I imagine that casting the kids is particularly difficult in some cases because, while they are minor parts in the first book (which from your comments I've gotten the sense is the general story line for the first season, with changes as there always are when turning books into t.v. or film), not all of those characters are so minor in the later books, and some of them become rather key in the third or fourth ones. So you have to find kids who can handle those parts. And also, I imagine the show is also looking for kids who aren't going to suddenly start looking twenty at fourteen, since you don't know if the series will go beyond the first book and if it does, how long that will take. Which has to be frustrating, especially when casting "minor" parts that have the potential to become semi-main characters if the show goes on long enough.

I'm sure that the people who have it will do a fantastic job. They have so far with the casting that has been announced, plus HBO has a history of well-cast television shows. It just has got to be a headache.

Also, I apologize if this is incoherent, it's after 3:30am here and I'm not all the way awake.

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