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And to throw some salt onto that wound the Patriots are quickly becoming the current favorite and perceived unstoppable force. Still a lot can happen between now and the Super Bowl though its fun to think that there are at least ten teams that still have a legitimate shot at winning it all if things go their way:
1.Patriots, look to be the frontrunner
2.Would anyone be surprised to see the Steelers make a tough run
3.The Falcons and Matt Ryan have that team of destiny feel
4.The 2010 Saints are beginning to look like the 2009 Super Bowl Saints
5.With Michael Vick and Desean Jackson, the Eagles offense is potentially tougher to stop than New England
6.The Giants look to be getting their strong running game offense/strong pass rushing defense primed and ready for the postseason
7.With the Chargers getting healthier I wouldn't want to play Phillip Rivers throwing to a healthy Gates/Jackson and Floyd
8.The Ravens are still loaded with defensive playmakers even if their overall defense isn't what it was, the big plays can change a playoff game and with Boldin and Rice on offense, tough to beat
9.If the Colts get in, Peyton Manning is still Peyton Manning
10. The Jets are still floundering along, but they did this at the end of last season and still made it to the AFC Championship, it just happens Manning willed the Colts to the Super Bowl before finally running out of steam

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