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One More Green

Tom Meier is really sclupting up a storm for Dark Sword Miniatures. Here's a peek at his latest green, an awesome Maester Luwin.

Purists should take special note of the maester's chain about Luwin's neck. Tom's is the most accurate visualization of the chain-of-many-metals I have seen to date. This is how I have always pictured these chains, and how I described them in my books. (though I should mention that Pycelle's chain is much grander, larger, and more ostentatious, him being the GRAND Maester and all).

Next up from Tom and Dark Sword: Young Robert at the Trident. Watch this space. (And Dark Sword's website).


Feb. 15th, 2011 10:04 pm (UTC)
He looks just like how I pictured him in the books. Its perfect! I used to make miniatures like this for a while. I was actually pretty good at it. I have four of them sitting on my desk right now that I made a long time ago. These pictures make me want to start again--I got distracted after a while and never got back into making them. Maybe I can turn one of my unfinished dwarfs into a Tyrion :)
(Purely for myself, of course) When he makes a Tyrion one I'll buy it and a bunch of others along with A Dance with Dragons when it comes out and have a release party with my friends. We've had one for every Wild Cards release. I've recently got them interested in ASOIAF so now we are a Wild Cards and ASOIAF fan club! I'm going to have to pick out some more merchandise for our party when it comes out. Maybe the calendars--they look really neat. I bought a star wars one for one of my friends a few years ago but she poured coffee on it! Maybe I'll give her something different instead :D
Sorry for the rambling, I just thought these miniatures were the most exciting thing I've seen in a while and I just started reading your blog. I've never thought that I missed making them this much. Maybe I should stop typing this and start working on them. :)
Except maybe you would want me to buy his instead, hahaha. I'll probably never finish anyway.


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