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Apr. 16th, 2011 (UTC)

It's amazing how the author here managed to say that Game of Thrones was both too immature AND too complicated to follow within the same article. Not to mention that she skipped over how women, even those who are not geeks, can watch or read a series for things other than the sex appeal, such as an interesting plot or likable characters. As someone who is in fact a female geek, I can't understand why, if you're going to read or watch things with dark themes (the Wikipedia article for the author that this article mentioned says that she writes about "failing relationships and terminal illness"), you wouldn't want some sword fighting, dragons and political intrigue thrown in there as well.

Going off what another poster here said, I very much like seeing such interesting and developed female characters in not only fantasy, but in fiction at all, as the ones in ASOIAF. In particular, you can't imagine how glad it makes me to read about and have a character to relate to in Brienne. It means a lot to me to see my experience with dealing and living with being ugly and falling outside gender norms reflected, even partially, in a likable and heroic female fictional character, where so many other stories show such characters hiding or changing these qualities as proof of or reward for their being good. She's one of the many reasons I love this series.

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