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Bah, literary snobbism? I see that all the time when some reviewer decides to tear apart horror, fantasy, sci-fi or some other genre just because they are too set on their views of how a genre should be written. Or they think anything which comes out of a certain genre must be bad. And then, these reviews are often filled with ranting which have little to do with the pertaining subject. *shakes head* You should see how people treat Joss Whedon's writing or even series like Supernatural. It's a tragedy many of these critics' followers buy every word they say and repeat every word, as though it's The Law you must abide by on Earth. I'll bet if you threw some of these people a series like Doctor Who, most of them would tear it to pieces because it violates a ton of rules: how it structures plot, how it crams in details about the universe, the lack of high-end special effects, no sex, little violence, etc.

Going back to the main topic: Then there's the time where a negative review is made because the site merely wanted to generate more hits. And I see this really often when the reviewers have nothing to do and spend their time beating up some series just because it's, say, aimed at females(sometimes male posturing comes in) or some target demographic. It's especially bad when you hear adults beating up some series aimed at children or teens. Of course the writing will be shallow! They haven't lived through much to gain enough life experiences to be deep, duh.

I'm sorry and sad that you got caught up too, in the game of "let's allow the reviewer to spill something, even IF she has never watched anything from that genre. Or quite possibly, she only likes 1 to 2 series from that genre and thinks the rest are crap without really delving into them." Giving a series a cursory glance and penning some throwaway comments is hot air, btw.

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