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Apr. 17th, 2011 (UTC)

It is so very sad and disappointing that this world of ours, now, in year 2011, among all our civilized freedoms, between branches of our high tech politeness and hard earned egalitarianisms breeds this kind of offensive gender inequality. And by whom? By women who read books!?! :( Bah, I’m appalled by these prejudices. I’m annoyed by this amount of malice. But more than ever, I’m proud to be this “nonexistent” kind of woman and a geek!

I would be inclined to forgive (better disregard) ignorance of middle-aged judgmental critics such as Ginia Bellafante, if it was only another anti fantasy I-don’t-like-it-why-should-anyone comment, but it wasn’t. This article of hers was vile and offensive to our gender. She suggested that we do not have sufficient mental capacity to remember more than 4 main characters (that’s the magic number for “Sex and the city” though), that we cannot possibly enjoy any type of literature that is not based solely on romance (because our gentle hearts strive only towards happy pink endings (not that I’m not especially eager for few matches to happen in the books to come, but then again so is my big brother)), that we can’t read subtitles and comprehended at the same time, nor have enough imagination to appreciate esthetics that is not hip and (again) pinkish… It infuriates me to see that someone in New York Times thought this article should even been published.

Other thing that completely escapes me is that there even are self proclaimed readers who would use expression like “boy literature”?!? What does that actually mean? Is penis a reading organ?? Used for acquiring specific taste in literature and comprehending? Hmmm, nobody told me that (and I’m biologist, I should know these things). As if we girls can’t read about wars, weapons or disembowelment and enjoy it just as any male? There is no “boy” literature and “girl” literature, only good and bad type. And the book that made me laugh and cry, that reconnected me with some people and gave me hours of good time, the book that I recommended to my father (who is as much into it as I) and my mother (elderly woman! go figure!), to all my best friends and to some new, the book that in a word (sincerely) changed my life…
Well in my opinion, that is one of a hell good book!

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