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Hey, Mr. Martin. I'm a woman (haven't been a girl for a while now) and I LOVE Game of Thrones, both the 1st book and the HBO series. I've also been reading, science fiction mostly, and some fantasy since before ANY so-called girl was supposed to like them. Guess what? I'm neither titillated... who in their right minds say that graphic sex scenes attract female viewers? Generally, they're not the target audience, when the author or director of the piece is a schlockmeister... nor am I turned off. They're part of the story, plain and simple.

GOT has a strong medieval vibe and one of its premises is that life is cheap, sex can be bought, and women have to be strong and hope they are born in the right place to the right people (and I'm not just talking rich and powerful here). I bought the books on my Kindle after the first episode and read along. I stopped reading just because I wanted to be surprised each week. Now that the first season is over, I'm reading again, and pretty happy that HBO led me to find your wonderful series. I already knew your through Wildcards, but I didn't know the Song of Ice and Fire series. Thank you very much, and that woman is full of hoohah. Bet she used to look down her nose at the girls who didn't wear the 'in' clothes of the week or the lipstick colour of the month in high school. Ptah!

And I have to say, Lord Petyr shocked the hell out of me! I quite liked him until he sold the dour Lord Eddard down the river. Though ES was out of his mind to lay his cards on the table like that. Like everyone else -- I assume -- I adore Tyrion Lannister and hope he lasts a long long time in a series with a serious body count. As I wrote before, life is cheap in GOT, so...

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