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Good Stuff

GAME OF THRONES has been nominated in the Best Drama category of the new Critics Choice Awards. Check out the full list of nominees here:


It's an impressive list of nominees. Congratulations to David and Dan and the cast and crew and support staff at HBO, all the great folks who worked so hard to make the show the success it seems to be. Great work, guys!

((And yes, I do wish some of our cast had gotten nominated as well. We have some amazing actors on GAME OF THRONES. Traditionally, though, fantasy and SF have always been overlooked in the acting categories. But maybe we'll do better in the Emmys and Golden Globes))

On other fronts... Sunday's episode, "The Pointy End," got the highest ratings of the season. The show is building. I suspect that this record will endure until... well, Sunday.


Jun. 10th, 2011 07:11 pm (UTC)
Good stuff indeed
I am glad for the ratings of the show and the fact that they definitely coincide with the quality of the show! As a fan however they are NOT the determinant factor of my watching the show, we all remember for example "The Wire" one of the finest shows ever put on TV, has ratings that anywhere else on mainstream TV would have seen it canceled after a few episodes. To their credet HBO stuck with the show and gave it a full-five season run. I definitely hope for the same with "Game Of Thrones".

As for the nominations, yeah it is good indeed that "Game Of Thrones" is on that list, award nominations and wins can only strengthen the show's reputation and popularity, but on the other hand I am also weary of awards, Golden Globes and Emmys included, who often seem to fail spectacularly in recognizing the shows they should in favour of those who they deem "important", and as my experience in previous years fantasy and sci-fi haven't done too great...but who knows maybe this time around things may be about to change. Hell nobody expected the LOTR trilogy to do as well as it did! The fact that "Fringe" and "The Walking Dead" are on the same list with "Game Of Thrones" is encouraging. Add to that "The Killing", "Dexter" and "Boardwalk Empire" and that is indeed and impressive list of nominees.

As for the acting nominations, it is really strange and hard to understand how performances from Mark Addy, Sean Bean, Lena Headey and Peter Dinklage can be ignored?! Nevermind the rest of the cast! I hope for better results in the future.


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