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Five Days...

... till Kong is loosed upon the world.

Feels strange, after so many years. I know that some of you thought I would never finish. Believe me, there were dark nights of the soul where I had my doubts as well. But now the day is almost at hand, and the dragons will fly.

In fact, they are already taking wing. Bantam informs me that DANCE has just gone back for its 6th hardcover printing, and it isn't even on sale yet. The first reviews are breaking today, and so far (knock wood) they have all been great. And in the UK, Waterstone's in Glasgow has put up a brilliant window display:

Exciting times.


Jul. 7th, 2011 06:40 pm (UTC)
Pre ordered it for my Nook (which was a gift and I thought I would NOT like it as I like holding and smelling books.. but it turns out, I LOVE it.. whoodathunk it...) So, I am just waiting for ADWD to arrive. ("Just waiting' being code for 'obsessively checking')

A good friend received an advance copy from the bookstore she works at for reviewing purposes. I did NOT ask to borrow it, and I did NOT tackle her and take it by force. But there were some mad gyrations that went on when she told me it was in her bag... not 4 feet from me...

Really enjoyed the HBO version! Which, I had to watch at a friend's house as I do not have a TV. It was rather well "condensed", and my running commentary (being rather familiar with the books... heh!) was quite welcome at a few confusing points, and in general for more backstory. We'd pause, and I'd explain, then we'd go again! Fun times!

Also, waiting for it to come out on Audible.com, working on the crossbows in the workshop while listening to them all feels very appropriate...

Thanks, George, very very much! I've had many many hours of reading and listening enjoyment...


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