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Back in Santa Fe

Home again in New Mexico... for a few days, at least. Just enough time to catch my breath before flying off to the San Diego Comicon.

While I was gone, Ty moved all my internet functions to a nifty new computer (just the Windows side of things, however, my writing computer remains the same dependable DOS machine as always). The internet stuff seems to be working well, as witness my appearance here... but I do not seem to have any email yet. So if you've been emailing me and wondering at my silence, that's why. I have not had any access to email since leaving on my book tour.

My book tour, by the way, was astonishing. More than a thousand people at every appearance. Close to two thousand in New York. And such great people too... unfailingly cheerful and friendly and enthusiastic, despite having had to wait in line, in some cases for many hours. I have the best fans in the world. I appreciate all your support.

The success of DANCE has exceeded my wildest expectations. We had the strongest first day sales of any work of fiction released this year, certainly the strongest sales of my career. Not to mention the best reviews of my career, and some amazing word of mouth. That all means a great deal to me. It is no secret how long and hard I struggled with this one. Knowing that tens of thousands... indeed, hundreds of thousands... of my readers feel it was well worth the wait heartens me more than I can possibly say.

I will be posting my full schedule for San Diego tomorrow or the day after. And after comicon, it will be on to LA, the Bay area, Seattle, Denver, and Lexington. I hope to meet many more of you there.

Thanks, all. You guys (and gals) rock.


Jul. 19th, 2011 09:14 pm (UTC)
Re: Ave Martin
Thank you very much for replying, and showing that you CARE for both praise and criticisms.
I just want to explain that my comment is referring on ADWD as 5th book in jet unfinished series. Book which left me with a bitter taste of uncertainty what future will bring. I like it , I'll probably like it even more after i reread whole series again this fall. Maybe in a few years when A Dream of Spring is finished I'll consider ADWD as a small part of perfection.
But for now, after years of wondering what will happen with some characters and wasted hope that I'll get answers in this sequel I'm kind of depressed (for now). Because i will have to spent few more years with same questions.
I wrote previous post as big fan in fear for plot. I wrote it because my limited imagination can not conceive how to finish all those plots in only 2 books. I wrote it out of fear, not anger. But if u say it was your intention and you know how to make it happen. Then i guess we just need to have patience.
TY one more time and god bless you.


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