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You're looking at this all the wrong way George. The Jets took a risk making Sanchez their franchise QB. It looked okay the first year...when the Jets were running over 50% of their plays on the ground (highest in the league that year) and had Thomas Jones still in his prime. They made the AFC championship again next year but let's face it, Sanchez did not get better. Then last year with their run game the worst its been in a while, he was terrible. Terrible, George. Single-handedly lost you guys some games that would have landed you in the playoffs. And the worst part is he lost the respect of the locker room.

Tim Tebow is a lot of things, too many things for a pros/cons list here. But he did a lot with much worse offensive weapons than the Jets have and he's been a natural leader since day 1, even though it was clear he played for a management that did not want him. Oh yeah, he's also maybe THE GREATEST COLLEGE PLAYER OF ALL TIME who has had less than one year to start with no training camp going in. So give him a chance is all I'm saying. The Jets will give him a chance...probably two years and then if he's not the savior of the franchise the QB carousel will move on. As an unbiased observer of the Jets (well maybe a little biased as a Bills fan) that seems to be how it works in NYC. They give you the world when you sign but if you don't win for them quick, you're out.

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