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I just read that the trade might be overturned because of salary implications.

If the trade does go through, though, I think the Jets need to spell out a very defined roll for Tebow that utilizes his running ability. They need to say that Sanchez is the starter, no matter what, and that Tebow will be used as a change-of-pace player. The wildcat -- which the Jets used when they had Brad Smith on the roster -- is the obvious example. There's no denying that Tebow is a serious headache for defensive coordinators in the red zone. If Tebow lines up as an H-back and gets the pitch from Sanchez, rolls left and has the option to run or pass, well, I'd hate to be on the defensive side of the ball (mostly because I'm 5-10, 165 pounds and too old).

But if the Jets bring him in as merely a backup quarterback without saying outright that Sanchez is the starter, then the first bad game Sanchez has the fans will be calling for a switch. And that would be downright silly since the Jets just invested $20 million guaranteed in Sanchez.

I think Tebow has a lot of value as a football player -- the guy is big, physical, smart and can run. He just can't pass like a traditional QB. If he went to a team like Steelers, Packers or even my Chargers, he could be a great fit as an offensive weapon while also mentoring under an established, traditional quarterback. And if Tebow went to the Chargers, the sight of him "Tebowing" on the sidelines next to backup quarterback Charlie Whitehurst (aka "Clipboard Jesus" because of his flowing locks and beard) would be priceless.

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