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Greetings George!
I hope this finds you well and not entirely nutty. This email is some years in the formulation, but I haven't figured a way to connect with you until now (D'ope!) I'm a fan (yadda yadda) of Ice & Fire, and as it happens, a resident of Santa Fe. I'd love to get together with you to share a beer and talk fooball, but a) we're both insanely busy (with no clear sign of abatement in sight), and b) I'm a Patriots fan, born & bred. That doesn't make me the enemy, I'm actually a fairly decent fellow... heh.
So while I try to avoid news at all costs, I take it where it comes, so yours was the 1st news I'd heard about T-Bow. My first thought, besides "BWahahhhhahHHAhahahaa", was that if he ever grows into his jersey a bit, he has some promise. That is to say, I felt a good vibe, on the Jets' behalf, which is kind of new to me.

While Santa Fe's a pretty small town, I haven't run into you yet, though we came close once, last summer. At the int. of Cerrillos & Zafarano, I yelled across to you, with Paris in yer little red bug, but a massive pick'emup truck pulled betwixt us. Ah, my brushes with fame.
So on the chance you'd like to share a brew, or just tell me to gotahell for supporting a team without parallel, I can be reached @ 470-6462.

All the best, Peace, productivity, proclivity, Ken.

Ken Rugg
Gavin Collier & Co.
815 Early St., Suite E
Santa Fe, NM 87505

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