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Sigh. This is a disappointing blog entry from a writer whose work I have enjoyed reading and re-reading. Admittedly, I am a University of Florida alumnus, both undergraduate and graduate degrees, but I try to look at these things objectively.

I agree that Tim Tebow is not the best professional quarterback in the NFL, nor is he likely to ever be an elite quarterback. But guess what . . . there are very few elite quarterbacks out there in the league. That's what makes them elite. But can he be an effective backup? Can he make Mark Sanchez better through competition? Probably.

I cannot believe that any fan would not want to have Tebow on their team for the right price and in the right situation, especially given the fact that he is a leader, a role model for good behavior, and has talent worthy of a roster spot. It seems to me that leadership and good behavior is something that the Jets desperately need, so I wonder why Jets fans would not at least applaud ownership for trying to correct that problem. Further, Tebow himself has accepted the role that he is to perform as a backup and running the "Wildcat" offense.

Is it Tebow's fault that the media creates the hype? Sorry, I don't see how his behavior and actions have done anything to contribute to the feeding frenzy. He has said and done all the right things both before and after becoming a New York Jet. And while I do not condone false piety, and I am not religious, I can respect those persons for whom faith is an integral part of their lives.

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