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Limited Editions

From time to time I get emails from readers wanting to know how they can purchase copies of the signed, illustrated limited editions of the Ice & Fire books published by Meisha Merlin and Subterranean. The short answer is, they can't. Those were limited editions, they were fully subscribed, Meisha Merlin is out of business, and SubPress has no extra copies for sale.

(Yes, I have a few extra copies myself, but they are not for sale).

However, I've just happened to notice that there are presently not one but two (2!) sets of said limited up for bid on ebay. These are the numbered editions (not the rarer lettered), and both have matching numbers.

The ebay item numbers are 221012911878 and 150806055324.

I don't know the sellers, and I can't vouch for them or the condition of their books. (I will vouch for the fact that these are gorgeous books, lavishly illustrated by Jeff Jones, John Howe, Charles Vess, and Tom Canty, respectively). These ebay sales have nothing to do with me, and I cannot tell you more than I just have. If you have questions, you will need to contact the sellers. But considering how often I get asked about those books, I thought I'd mention it, if any of you are interested.

Please be advised: these sets are not cheap. The books have appreciated quite a bit in value since publication.


May. 8th, 2012 09:08 pm (UTC)
to George R.R. Martin
Hi! I looked everywhere for your email... couldnt find it (You are probably happy about that! one less mail to read eheh). But hopefully you'll read it here! I'am absolutely in love with Game of thrones tv series... I don't know how you did it but all the greatest minds, actors and writers seem to have come together on this. I had never heard of HBO before and now I feel like thanking them. This is not simply a series this is pure epicness, this is the longest movie ever made and the damn BEST adaptation right there with LotR. If each episode was on theatre I would pay a ticket to see all of them (and I'm far from rich). Thats at least 15 (1.5hrs) movies! David Benioff and D. B. Weiss, actors, cloth, all deserve congratulations. Please keep seasons coming until the story is over.
I love your writing and the filming is doing it justice! Best regards from Portugal and know that this story and characters will stay with me.


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