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Social Gaming

I don't know much about social media. I don't have a facebook or twitter account. But I've been told a few people have them, and that some of those people like to play social media games. I'm told the biggest social media game involves running a farm.

Surely, I thought, there must be something one could do on social media that would be more fun that growing turnips and feeding chickens. Like, say, scheming and plotting, murders and marriages, contesting for power.

HBO shared the feeling, and together we have granted the license for a social media game based on GAME OF THRONES to a great new start-up company called Disruptor Beam ((http://disruptorbeam.com/ )) Game development is already well under way.

Jon Radoff, CEO of Disruptor Beam, says:

"This will be the first Facebook game based on the TV series and books and, trust me, this game isn’t just going to be another Farmville! George RR Martin is working very closely with Disruptor Beam to ensure the game will deliver an authentic experience. I can tell you that it will not only be highly story and character-driven, but Game of Thrones Ascent will give you the chance to experience the world from your own perspective and with your own friends."

"Sounds fun, right!? Want to know more? Well, additional information about the game will be released in the coming months, including details about how to participate in a pre-release beta program. To follow its progress, be sure to “like” Game of Thrones Ascent on Facebook (http://facebook.com/gameofthronesascent) or follow on Twitter (https://twitter.com/#!/GoTAscent)."

I saw several early versions of the game demonstrated, and Jon and his designers took great pains to make sure the flavor of the novels is here. I saw alliance building, treachery, marriages, murders, and most of all the constant struggle to be the greatest house in Westeros.

So create a character, pick a liege lord to swear to, and start playing the game the way Tyrion would, because in this game you win or you die.

(No turnips will be involved).


May. 27th, 2012 09:36 pm (UTC)
Game of Thrones Board Game
To be fair, before Game of Thrones got famous for having a television show, there was an INCREDIBLE board game based off of the books-only franchise.

Political intrigue along the lines of Diplomacy, but with a brilliant token system. No random dice to decide outcomes, just plotting, double-crossing, etc. It was INCREDIBLE and one of the only games to handle non-random player vs player political games in a way that didn't just end in arguments and families hating each other.

THEN... they went and created one of the best collectible card games ever on Game of Thrones as well.

Yes, I said CCG, as in Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, YuGiOh and all that other stuff.

The CCG Game of Thrones was also one of the best CCG games I have ever played. I don't usually like them because they force you to "collect" (re: buy lots of the cards at random and hope to get the right things to build an effective deck, which you play against other collectors who have put together decks)... but in terms of game mechanics and innovations, it was an incredible game all its own.

That darn Facebook app has a lot to live up to. :-)


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