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Leaving on a Jet Plane...

... in a few hours. This time my destination is San Diego Comicon.

(I was the first registrant at the very first comicon, did I mention? Drew about thirty people to a seedy hotel in Greenwich Village. But I did get to meet Steve Ditko and Fabulous Flo Steinberg. Comicons have grown since).

I expect I will see some of you at the HBO panel. I'm the lucky one, I don't have to stand in line for hours to get in.

From San Diego, I fly direct to Spain. Look for me in Aviles, Madrid, and Barcelona.

I will be scarce around here until I get back home at month's end, but I leave the house, the office, and the blog in the hands of my trio of able assistants, Terrible Ty, Rambunctious Raya, and Perky Pat. You may hear from them from time to time while I'm gone.


Crystal Ku
Jul. 12th, 2012 12:37 am (UTC)
Hiya Mr Martin!
I wanted to send you an email, but I can't easily find your email address on the site. I found it once, but it has disappeared off the face of the earth (your site)! Anyways, I just wanted to say thanks for all the endless hours of reading. Very much looking forward to the next one and in the meantime I also enjoy reading your blog and hearing about your coming and goings :) Good on you for running the charity drive and I wish I could be attending some of your events in America! Wish you and Pat and Neil and Brandon would come down to Australia one time. I might just die of happiness... or just squeal endlessly and pass out from lack of oxygen. xxx


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