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Congratulations! So excited for you and your accomplishments!

I have a few questions about the novels and how they've translated into the show if you have a moment to answer...
While I personally think that the Game of Thrones (HBO Series) is a really interesting and well done projection of the novels, I am curious about some of the changes knowing that you're a part of the production of the show. For instance, when Arya prays in the TV series she does so after after hearing Yorens story. However, in the novel he isn't what influenced her to start doing this. I think both takes are really interesting but out of curiosity, are there are reasons that situations like these are changed? Are there certain things that came up when writing the novels that weren't included that you've influenced to be done in the show now? If so, I find it a really interesting opportunity to explore other things that you may have considered including in the original storyline but for some reason didn't initially fit. Also, since you are involved with the show (and I'm assuming you have some sort of say), are there avenues that the show has explored (like what I previously mentioned with Arya) that you prefer to the original storyline that you created? Or visa versa? I'm so interested in what this process is like for an author and would love to have your take on the changes and how they are influenced!

Thanks for all you do! I look forward to seeing and reading more!

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