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Sep. 17th, 2012 (UTC)

I missed most of the first half, but it seemed to me that most of the poor play was because the Bucs went to school on Eli and Gilbride. Yes, some of Eli's passes were poor, but the Tampa D knew where to be in order to take advantage.

In the second half Andre Brown and Hakim Nicks forced the D to adjust. The game from a stats point of view, even in the first half, was a serious mismatch. The Giants have been really fortunate in not having selfish prima donnas. Ahmad was fantastic from the sidelines talking to Brown. Even when Brown wasn't having success in the first half. I like Brown's running style more than Bradshaw's. The way he runs between the tackles, he reminds me old Tiki. He seems to trust his blockers moreso than Ahmad does. James Ingram from Tiki onwards has really done a marvelous job with the Giants running backs. He seems to have a talent for making the fair ones good and the good ones better.

Like last weeks Jets/Bills game I can't take away much from the Giants' performance other than the offensive line was excellent in pass protection and got better in run blocking. But, they didn't face and elite pass rusher or defensive line. Defensively, I didn't see as much individual wins from the Giants D-line as I would have expected.

The Jets... Yes, it's time to worry. They don't even have one receiver with either Nicks or Cruz's ability. The defense are going to have to score points for the offense to get going, I think. Even Tebow can't really be a help because he needs to be under center for more than just one down at a time. Not that I want to see Tebow. I've seen enough. Sanchez looks good enough. He just needs receivers. Do you think Jets management will ever decide that to score points they will need more than a good QB, a good TE and fair RB? What were they thinking fielding this offense?

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