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cheap shot, yes and no. could someone get hurt,yes and no. the bucs have been suffering an identity crisis since sapp, brooks,lynch, and barber (although he's still around). one of the best defenses. the play was a message that mccoy,webster,barron, and the new look d is back. intimidation. suffered drastically last year. they were horrible. sometimes a push and a shove will create that identity. nasty in the locker room pushes over to the cowboy game. 5 interceptions vs carolina and the giants. now, come on, cboys, meet us in tampa and keep your guard up cause we'll come at you. it's a dirty game,minus the jousting. no one was getting hurt on that play. in boxing, it is said to "keep yourself protected at all times." cheap shot yes, but not for any attempt of injury. it's identity creationism for a young team with some d talent and a coach with NFL experience. he knows what the big league's about. it's a matter of selling a d to be hard nosed, let people know they are coming, and force mistakes. i think it was a great tactic. the Giants sat on their ticker tape floats and forgot to play the cboys. the bucs lost a game they had in the bad to the Gmen, but next are the cboys, so why not put a little aggressive play for them to think about. Go Bucs, the rightful heir to the NFCesteros.

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