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Dear Mr Martin.

That's the first time I talk to you. In fact, I never was on heroic-fantsay mood, but a friend speak so enthousiasticly about GoT that I had watch the 2 seasons in 2 days. And 5mn after the last episode, I go buy the books !

First, let me give you my grateful thank ! The world you create is wonderful and so detailed. I love too the fact that there is more history and politics than magic.

(even if i'm very afraid of the future of the kingdom. There's too much signs wich tend to prove than the targaryan party will win against MY favorite king, aka Stannis. (by exemple, the fact that stannis's sword is not hot). But anyway, I will continue to support Stannis.

And Theon, too ! The way Crassen considered Theon is so unfair to me. Dishonored? WTF?? He's not a Stark but a Greyjoy. Having sweet conditions in winterfell? So what? He remains an ostage. Treason against Robb ? So what? He had to choice between robb and his FATHER, his COUNTRY, his PEOPLE. No disgrace in this choice. And he had try to invade humanly the north.

I would like to create a rehabilitation comitee for Theon Greyjoy of Pike, King of the Iron Isles and Lord of Winterfell !

(and a party for support Stannis for King too ^^)

Anyway, once again, a great TANK for you, Mr Martin !

(yes, the title of those lines are "poor alfie". Because he deserved the emmy, for his perfom on the baptist scene, by one exemple in a lot)

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