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When years ago the Oscars finally saw fit to reward the LOTR trilogy, I had a small sliver of hope that these awards are starting to move beyond their comfort zone and recognize movies and series and music based on merit and quality...I should have known better...LOTR was en exception, a welcome one, but those movies where just to hard to ignore.
The Emmys, as its other counterparts, prefer to reward shows which are safe and familiar. Given what I suspect is the average voting age of the voting members I cannot say I'm surprised. "Game Of Thrones" is critically acclaimed, it is a success in every which way possible, almost everyone I speak with who has seen the show have nothing but positive things to say, and those who haven't seen it want to! It has a large built-in audience and an even larger fanbase comprised of people who have not read the books etc. Amazing cast, great directors, excellent writers and scripts, production values that are beyond almost anything that is on television and more often than not even big-screen movies...and still that is not enough!
Sometimes I think that the Emmy folks and others like them, live on another planet...in a reality different than that of most average people, and then looking at where and how they live, which is literally a cocoon, a gated community within the larger art world...is there any surprise! These folk have been brought up in the world of "Leave it to Braver" and Andy Griffin (not that there is anything wrong with them up to a point). But the world has moved on, it no longer reflects those Norman Rockwell picturesque and idyllic images...The Mountain would kill Andy Griffin as an old useless peasant and enslave Oppie and probably hand him over to The Tickler...and that scares the shit out of your average Emmy voter! They grew up thinking that sci-fi and fantasy is weird, strange, and the people who like those genres are freaks, fringe lunatics...you know...the other, the one who doesn't fit their narrowly construed idea of who their "kind of people" are. These people don't vote for a series like "Game Of Thrones" because they wouldn't know what to do with it...because it does not offer easy solutions and answers to neatly fit in those boxes they must check on the voting ballots...hmmmmm that reminds me of something else...
That is why I stopped paying attention long ago...for me the worth of a series like "Game Of Thrones" lies in its quality and that of the people working on it, in its originality, creativity and imagination, and for that I don't need the validation of an award as lame as the Emmy...

PS Besides we are in good company, after all they ignored "The Wire", "Deadwood", "ROME", "Brotherhood", "Battlestar Galactica", "OZ", "The Walking Dead" and others...

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