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Now that the Emmy/Hugos have sunk in a bit perhaps a little perspective.

I think when readers of the books watch the TV serias, we channel the books and this puts a bit of gloss on the screen version. Don't get me wrong I really enjoy the serias, watch and record (for second viewing) each Sunday, but understand why in Emmy world it does not sweep all before it.

Those exposed to just the mini-serias do not necessary get all the nuance of the books. The look of the serias is much more generic Dark Age/Fantasy than the books. I'm not sure who made the decision to not go high medieval for costumes but it takes away some to the distinctive flavor of the books. I remember reading the clothes/armor descriptions in the books and saying WoW,this is different from what has gone before. I've gotten several friends to watch the serias and nearly all comment that they have a hard time telling the factions apart, who for some reason, don't wear the hearldic colors/devices which were so common for medieval retainers and are a major theme of the books. "Outsiders" can't tell the Starks from the Night Watch due to the oddly muted costumes (likewise Stannis).

The story telling in Season 2 also drifted away from the books and was a tad more conventional. That a single episode (Blackwater)stands out as terrific can cut two ways.

This combined with the steller compition made GOT a tough "pure" TV award sell. Its not like it lost out to Gilligan's Island.

Do I think the serias is one of the best things on TV - absolutely. Did it deserve an Emmy nomination - no question. Did I in the Hugo visual category actually vote for Hugo the movie ugh er maybe...[I did vote for Dance in the novel category....]

In any case we have great stuff to come - if they do get close to the book version/vision for Storm of Swords - It should be raining Emmy's next year....


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