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Sir, I know this is not the discuss, but I read what you said about the fanfics. I can understand truly, I love books and I dicovered fanfics about 7 years, I wrote too and I really love this universe. But I understand your concern, cause I am a lawyer, and alwys defend fanfics for be a love fan work and no profits, no own commercial use, or intend. But what I see now on ff.net is a large scale of fanfics be published, and a big part of the fandons are suporting this immoral and ilegal actions, and buying the books. Before, if some fanficwriter was good would write and publish his/her original story, now he/she is eat alive the work and the fandom of a author.It´s ridiculous. So, I am really disapponted about it. One of famous case now is this 50 shades of Greys that were a Twilight fanfiction, and few care about how wrong this is. Both works are literature trash, but I care about the implications of copyright and respect about this delicate line fanfics-copyrights.
I met you on Comic Con this year, I could take you sigh on my notebook in front the Marriott Hotel, I was so nervous and afraid to bother you, that I did not said nothing, less than nothing..haha. But your books are fantastic, I love the political-historical- puzzle thing... All the complex of characters.
Thank you so much for your work.
Salutes from Brazil!

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