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You'd think Seattle had lost the last two games.

So, reading the Sports Illustrated coverage of the Seahawks wins over the Vikings and Jets:

"Go ahead, Rex Ryan. Start Tim Tebow if you want to next week at the Rams. You might as well scratch that itch, even if you know it won't save the Jets' season. You've been patient with Mark Sanchez and patient with your underachieving team, but it ain't happening, for either one. Sanchez was an ineffective 9 of 22 for 124 yards, with an interception and a fumble lost in New York's 28-7 loss at Seattle. The Jets' only touchdown came on a 21-yard fumble recovery and return by defensive lineman Muhammad Wilkerson.

As for New York, the playoff talk last week was entertaining, but worthless chatter. The Jets are 3-6, and have lost six of eight after their blowout of Buffalo in Week 1."

Last week's game, against the Vikings:

"The Vikings have thrown it into reverse, but not Adrian Peterson. He's full speed ahead after last December's ACL blowout. Peterson isn't just back, he's back with a vengeance. He led the NFL in rushing with 775 yards entering Week 9, and then he went out and ripped off an 182-yard day on just 17 carries, good for a 10.7 yard average. He had a 74-yard burst that proved his speed is back, and he's still one of the toughest short-yardage runners in the game, scoring from 1 and 4 yards in the 30-20 loss at Seattle.

Seriously, how do you snub either Peterson or Peyton Manning in the Comeback Player of the Year vote? They both deserve a trophy."

Two Seattle wins. Two "quick snaps" that don't mention any players from Seattle, but talk about Name Brand players on the losing team, or the one bright point the losing team had.

If Don Banks (based out of Chicago, and formerly based out of Madison WI) were writing for the New York Post, I could see that kind of reporting on the jets game. He writes for Sports Illustrated.

No respect. The Seahawks played well; in their controversial game against the Packers, they had probably the finest defensive half of football this century, and that's including Baltimore's defensive run in 2000 in the tally.

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