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Nov. 17th, 2012 (UTC)

Can't wait for the new season to start! I haven't been following the "Not-A-Blog" much lately, but I'm going to return more often now that the personal dramas have calmed a bit. I'm almost done with a re-read of the series. I must admit that ADWD makes SO much more sense in context with the rest of the series. I will not make the mistake of reading the next book before revisiting the previous volumes again! I had forgotten many details, overlooked others and had a few just plain wrong. I'm very interested to see where "The Winds of Winter" takes us. As for football: the Giants...what happened? They look like a SB team one week and a pretender the next! I suppose the silver lining for the G-Men is that they did this same thing last season. They seem to pull it together at the end. As for Gang Green, I think the rot has spread too far to spare much. They are not only up a creek without a paddle, they have a busted hull and are heading for the falls! They need a new coach, new scheme and new QB (not named Tebow). Let's face it, they need a complete overhaul. They looked inept against my Seahawks, who have a tendency to make bad teams look good. Although, I think the Seahawks are heading in the right direction; IF they can beat a team other than Carolina on the road.

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