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George has to be the coolest author ever. Right after "Clash" came out George was selling copies of "Game" from his site. I already owned a copy of the 1st edition, but wanted a signed copy so I ordered one from him. As my check was in the mail the price increased quite a bit due to the demand (and this is well before HBO was in the picture). Not only did George honor my original charge, but he traded me my original 1st edition "Game" for a 1st edition "Clash" which he had (I couldn't find one myself). He also agreed to sign several of my other books of his. Not wanting to bother him, but also not wanting to miss the chance, I packed the rest of the box with all the other stories of his I owned in various "Analog'" and Asimov's Science Fiction" magazines. I expected him to only sign the hardcovers and ship the box back to me (postage was prepaid by me). He was gracious enough to go through the box and sign and inscribe everything I put in there. Being a huge fan, I can't tell you how psyched I was to receive this box back. I couldn't believe he would take the time and energy to do this for a fan. I would never sell ANY of these mementos. I still can't believe my luck with this, but even more so, I can't believe he is still willing to do this for his fans after all the success he has achieved since that day many years ago. George R.R. Martin is one class act! He is not only a phenomenal author, but he has to be the most down-to-earth and generous famous person ever!!! Thank you Mr. Martin.

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