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Sending things to our office

George has, in the past, been happy to sign books or memorabilia for fans who were willing to ship them to him. Unfortunately, in recent months, primarily due to the success of the HBO show, the volume of incoming items has gotten too high. This is primarily due to resellers who want to get George's signature on things they then sell on eBay or through other channels.

To put a stop to this so that it doesn't take up so much time, I'm implementing the following policy for signatures:

* Any package sent to this office that has not been pre-arranged with our office administrator at grrmbooks@gmail.com will be refused and returned unopened.

* Items unrelated to George's work will not be signed (yes, I'm talking to you guy who sent us a giant box of baseballs to be signed)

* All signature requests must include the name of the person for whom the item is being signed, and will be personalized at George's discretion. No sending us 20 books "just signatures please"

* If you are a book dealer looking for signatures for your store, contact the office administrator at the above email address and we'll see if we can help you.

If you're a legitimate fan that wants a book signed, please contact us and we'll help you arrange that. If you want George to sign a hundred book plates so you can sell them on eBay for grossly inflated prices, sorry, you're out of luck.


David Jennes
Nov. 19th, 2012 08:31 pm (UTC)
Patrick Rothfuss
Maybe you can tray something like what Patrick Rothfuss did?

FAQ: “If I Mail You My Book, Will You Sign it?” (http://blog.patrickrothfuss.com/2007/08/faq-if-i-mail-you-my-book-will-you-sign-it/)

Edited at 2012-11-19 08:33 pm (UTC)
Nov. 19th, 2012 09:36 pm (UTC)
Re: Patrick Rothfuss
Pat's a cool guy.

But this would get out of hand. We have too much crap to keep track of in this office already. Please don't send more things we'll have to find a space for.
Kristina Marie
Nov. 21st, 2012 03:56 am (UTC)
Re: Patrick Rothfuss
Well, if the "gift" thing Patrick proposes would result in excess clutter, what about a donation to a charity George supports? It wouldn't have to be something excessive, but George (based on his posts) seems charity minded. And asking for even a small donation might deter people who are not as altruistic or honest in their intentions in seeking an autograph.


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