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More on the App

Since announcing the official Ice & Fire App (see below), we've gotten a lot of questions, most of them concerning when and if the app will be made available for Android, and when and if it will be offering for sale in countries other than the US and UK.

I ran these questions past my people at Random House.

There are, alas, no plans at present to produce the app for Android. That is Random House's call, not mine. (I seldom use a cellphone myself, and don't know one from the other, so all such calls are made by folks more conversant with the issues involved). It is possible that may change in the future if there is sufficient demand, but please email Random House, not me. If an Android app is made available, you can get the update on www.suvudu.com"

As for availability in other countries, Barnes and Noble only sells apps in the US and UK, so the Nook version is only available in the US and UK.

Below is a list of the countries where the app is available for iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch).

. United States
. Canada
. United Kingdom
. Australia
. Austria
. Belgium
. Bulgaria
. Cyprus
. Czech Republic
. Denmark
. Estonia
. Finland
. France
. Germany
. Greece
. Hungary
. Ireland
. Italy
. Japan
. Latvia
. Lithuania
. Luxembourg
. Malta
. Netherlands
. Poland
. Portugal
. Romania
. Slovakia
. Slovenia
. Spain
. Sweden
. Switzerland

The Random House subrights team is currently looking into translation deals for non-English-speaking readers. But there is nothing to announce yet on the translation front. Sorry.


Ray Feighery
Dec. 5th, 2012 10:14 pm (UTC)
This is why I've stayed with the IOS Ecosystem. The App is great, I downloaded it yesterday and bought the 5 book pack for $4.99.

People complaining about Android support don't blame Random House. It costs money to develop an app and the return on investment for the Android ones just isn't that good. Android users have become accustomed to free apps with ads and are reluctant in most cases to pay.
There's also the issue of the fragmented OS...Android is to Smart Phones much as Linux was to PC's it was fun for developers but all the different front ends prevented a cohesive experience.

While Android users can claim more phones world wide the fact is there is no Single Android phone/flavor that outsells IOS. I've even started seeing Apps advertised as "For iPhone and Samsung Smart Phones".


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