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Parris Is Coming...

... to London.

She left a few moments ago for the airport, to spend a week in Old Blighty visiting with friends, spoiling the godchildren, and seeing the Pre-Rafaelite exhibition at the Tate, which is supposed to be amazing.

I'm staying here, to hold down the fort and write. And write, and write, and edit, and write some more. Too much damn work to do, and I am way behind on everything.

But I'm bummed. Especially about missing that Tate exhibition, which closes in a week or so. All work and no play...

((I really do need to learn to say no. I swear, I'm trying. No, NO, NOOOOOOOOO)).

Miss the Phipps already. Take good care of her over there, you Barmy Brits.

I shall labor on, writing fake history, feeding the many monkeys on my back.


Jan. 11th, 2013 11:00 pm (UTC)
Re: House on Declovina
When I moved in at the end of 1979, there were two apple trees, a cherry, and an apricot. The apricot was dying and soon expired, but we got lots of fruit from the two apple trees and the cherry tree. Too many apples, in a way. By late fall, the whole back yard would be ankle-deep in fallen apples. I couldn't make enough pies to keep up.
Jan. 11th, 2013 11:56 pm (UTC)
Re: House on Declovina
The backyard neighbors' apricot tree hung over the wall and produced MASSIVE amounts of apricots for a few weeks last year - I couldn't keep up with pies and cobbler! Then, they chopped the branch hanging over our wall down so that's the end of that. There is only the one apple tree, the big shade tree behind the garage and an ornamental Japanese plum tree in the front yard. The drought this year seemed to take a toll on everything though. Well, you know where the house is if you ever want to see it again!


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