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Mr. Martin,

I can't express how happy I am to get this christmas present. It got me siked for The World of Ice and Fire, The Winds of Winter and the new Dunk and Egg all at once.

However, and I know I'm asking much, a friend of mine didn't get to read the Theon-chapter you gave us last year. Arianne's new chapter has been put in it's place.

Is it possible to read that chapter online as of now?
I've seen it published as an extra chapter in the paperback version of A Dance with Dragons, but he and I already have the hardback, and as much as we love your books we can't really buy two versions of the same book.

You're an awesome writer and you've made me read again after many years of being sick and tired of it. I'm now reading the Wheel of Time saga after I read that Jaime vs Rand-battle sequence. Even though I spoiled myself a bit by reading that very sequence, it does not matter because the journey to those "spoilers" is written very well. A Song of Ice and Fire is still a bit better though, in my opinion.
I don't know if a Baratheon would say it like this but...

Yours is The Fury

Mathieu Thielemans

p.s.:I wrote this ten paragraph-long droolfest over the Theon chapter but decided not to post it because I'm sure by now you know how great a writer you are. Not trying to get that chapter, just saying you're a great writer

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