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I discovered Daniel Abraham when I saw Brandon Sanderson tell people to read him. It was a video of a presentation he made at one of the Jordancon's. The majority of Abraham's characters are the 'every man' character. Most fantasy books have some characters like this, but all of his characters are this way to some degree. I really like this since it is very different. It is easy to identify with these characters because they seem like people I might meet in real life. However, they live in a Fantasy/SF universe. No Aragorn or Rand Al'Thor type hero characters. The SA Corey books work best because Abraham writes viewpoints with regular people and Ty Franck writes the more messed up crazy viewpoints. They each have a distinctive voice, but it seems to work well together. I don't want to get the spelling wrong, but the Indian Grandmother who is a senior Bureacrat in the World Government is my new favorite Sci-Fi character(Avarasala?). She curses like a sailor at one moment, then turns around and goes into grandma mode and plays with her grandchildren the next. I don't remember the exact interview I saw on youtube, but in one Ty was saying that he gets most of his work done in the middle of the night due to a 'day job' then goes and collaborates with Daniel Abraham after having been up all night. Sounds like George is a very demanding boss and forces poor Ty to pull all nighters to work on his writing. I think I saw that Guy Gavriel Kay was an assistant to Tolkein's son. Does anyone know of any other SF/Fantasy writers who were assistants first?

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