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Mar. 10th, 2013 (UTC)

Now you need to find some books I haven't read yet. :-) Kidding, my TBR pile resembles the Tower of Pisa anyway and I also like to reread some books, so there's no shortage of reading material to tide me over the Wait for Winter.

Druon is still avaliable in the original French and the German translations (which have recently been reprinted in omnibus editions, though the 7th book, Quand un roi perd la France, has never been translated, either); so it's nice to see English readers will get a chance to know him, too.

David Anthony Durham, whom you listed under historical fiction, has also written an interesting Fantasy trilogy, Acacia.

I may have some more suggestions esp. for those who like historical fiction: Dorothy Dunnett's Niccolò (8 books, starting with Niccolò Rising) and Lymond (6 books, starting with Game of Kings) series. They take a bit getting into, but if you stick out the first 200-300 pages, you'll be rewarded with a Niccolò who can outsmart Littlefinger and a Francis Cawford of Lymond who swashbuckles and charms his way through the better part of Europe.

For those who like intrigues and sex in Rome, Colleen McCullough's Rome series may prove a fun read. The first three books (The First Man in Rome, The Grass Crown, Fortune's Favourites) are great, the following books suffer a bit from her Caesar worship, but that may have been me who doesn't like the man. The sequel about Mark Anthony and Cleopatra felt a bit lacklustre; she wrote that for the fans more than for herself, I think.

For action fun in the wake of Cornwell, check out Robert Low's Viking series (beginning with The Whale Road) or Douglas Jackson's Hero of Rome series. In the Fantasy department, David Gemmell's books can still hold their own, imho, and Guy Gavriel Kay has written some great novels that border the line between hist fic and Fantasy (The Lion of Al-Rassan, A Song for Arbonne, Tigana, to name just some).

And there's a recently discovered gem: Robert Lyondon's Hawk Quest.

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