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Dear Mr Martin,
Thanks for that very comprehensive list, and also for the Druon recommendation. I have never heard of him, but he sounds right up my street. I have to fess up that I resisted reading your books for ages because I am a writer too and I am writing a teenage fantasy around dragons and wolves (which I coincidentally thought of before I'd picked up one of your books), and didn't want to be unduly influenced. However, then my husband bought the first series of Game of Thrones on DVD and we devoured it in a week, so that was that. We spent all of last year catching up with your wonderful series and our now champing at the bit for The Winds of Winter. We do have series 2 of GofT to keep us going till then (we don't have Sky), and are trying not to be quite so greedy this time, and eke out the enjoyment. And at least we can read the Druon books while we wait.
I am also published by Harper Collins (adult women's fiction), so I shall beg them for a copy!!
Before I was a writer I used to edit teenage fiction,and I think you're right about the fantasy/historical fiction links. They are kindred spirits indeed, and I am a lover of both.
So thanks for all your recommendations, and thanks also for your wonderful books. I was a fool to put off reading them for so long. And I might have to embark on a rereading frenzy now. Just to keep me going while I wait...
Best wishes
Julia Williams

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